About Me

Hello, my name is Christopher Lafont. I am running for Ohio's 6th congressional district.

     Hard to believe some kid from modest beginnings would be running to represent you fine folks. I have worked hard for more than half of my life and through my travels and work history I have seen many standards drop significantly.  I am running so that we can fix America's education system, help people want to work again by paying them more, and just overall raise standards to do better so we can be better. 

     With my experience living in five different states and working on three Congressional races, I have gained a deep understanding of the diverse needs and challenges of our nation.  What sets me apart from other candidates is my dedication to listening and engaging with the community as a whole.  I feel with my "Republicrat" take, I will be a strong voice for Ohio 6th congressional district.  I am committed to bringing people together regardless of party affiliation, to find common Sense solutions that benefit our district and our country!